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Good Molly's Apple Pie & Cinnamon Ice-Cream Cake

Good Molly's Apple Pie & Cinnamon Ice-Cream Cake

Apple Pie Ice-cream Cake....
This ice-cream is delicious, and super easy to make.
You can customize with whatever ice-cream flavor you like,
and any of our Good Molly's cookies.
Using a springform pan or a round Corning dish lined with plastic wrap (to lift it out once it’s frozen), line the sides and bottom with Lady Fingers (you can order gluten free ones online or don’t use the Lady Fingers at all).
Crush up Apple Pie cookies and alternate layers of cookies and ice-cream (we recommend vanilla or cinnamon with the Apple Pie cookies), starting with the crushed cookies for the base layer and finishing with cookies sprinkled on top. Be sure to freeze overnight. It’s that easy!

You can also drizzle caramel sauce between the layers or on top. 🍪🍎🍦
If you’re dairy free, there are so many options for ice-cream these days. And you can use with any flavor Good Molly’s (i.e. Good Molly’s Brownie Bites or Brownie Bomb + mint chocolate chip is another favorite pairing of ours).