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Good Molly's Apple Pie Pie

Good Molly's Apple Pie Pie

An Apple Pie that takes minutes to assemble
& doesn’t require a rolling pin or an oven?
Yes, please! 🙋‍♀️
Crumble 1.5 bags of Good Molly’s Apple Pie cookies and press into a pie dish.
Select your favorite ice-cream (we used salted caramel)
and let it soften slightly so you can easily fill the pie dish.
That’s it!

The dried organic apples and organic ground cinnamon
of Good Molly’s Apple Pie make for a delicious gluten-free crust!
For a crust that’s not as crumbly, please see our earlier posts on Apple Pie - you can mix in melted butter or coconut oil to the crumble and bake for a few minutes.
As for ice cream flavors, vanilla pairs beautifully as well.