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We don’t just make baked goods, we make bake goodsbetter. We think you can have your cake (or cookie) and eat it, too, with wholesome ingredients grown in nature, not in a lab- ingredients you can feel good about eating. We go to great lengths to find suppliers who are aligned with our mission. 

There is nothing like the smell of cookies fresh out of the oven...

Our Baking Mix Trio Gift Set bring all of our delicious mixes to your home and makes for a great gift.

It includes:

  • One Bag of Good Molly's™ Ultimate Brownie Baking Mix
  • One Bag of Good Molly's™ Chocolate Chip Baking Mix
  • One Bag of Good Molly's™ Cinnamon Oatmeal Baking Mix
  • One Good Molly's™ Oven Mitt
  • One Good Molly's™ Spatula

We took the guess work out of making delicious allergen-friendly chocolate chip or brownie cookies while giving you the reigns to make it your way. 

All of our mixes show 4 different options to make the same mix - using butter, a vegan butter, coconut butter combined with coconut oil, or applesauce (for those with severe food allergies). But whichever way you choose to make our mix, they are delicious!!

Every bag of Good Molly's™ mix is made with premium ingredients like organic gluten free oats grown in Wyoming -  without glyphosate - and are routinely tested to ensure no pesticides are detected. Our chocolate chunks are allergen-free, and every ingredient is made or grown without any genetic modifications. 

No additives. No emulsifiers. No preservatives. No gums.

We only source ingredients from suppliers who do not handle other ingredients with allergens in an effort to reduce the chance of cross contamination.

Our mixes are made in a completely allergen-free facility. 

The bags are 10.58 oz and make about 17-20 cookies, depending on the size. 

Some notes on making our mixes:

  1. Butter will yield the most traditional chocolate chip or brownie cookies.
  2. Applesauce will yield a very dense, almost "rubbery" (for lack of a better word) texture.
  3. If you use coconut butter and coconut oil, be sure to use an electric mixer and blend the coconut until soft before adding the dry mix.
  4. Be sure to follow the bake temperatures shown on the bags. Coconut must be cooked at 280 degrees or below to avoid a soupy mess!
  5. Be sure to cool the cookies thoroughly before handling them, especially the ones made with coconut. You want them to bring them to room temperature so they can be picked up without issue.
  6. Parchment paper will help you achieve an evenly baked cookie.
  7. An insulated baking sheet is also ideal.
  8. Place the baking sheet in the center of your oven.
  9. For a peppermint brownie, just replace the vanilla extract with peppermint extract and reduce a bit so it's not too strong.

Questions or need help: cookies@goodmollys.com