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We don’t just make baked goods, we make bake goods better. We think you can have your cake (or cookie) and eat it, too, with wholesome ingredients grown in nature, not in a lab- ingredients you can feel good about eating. We go to great lengths to find suppliers who are aligned with our mission. 

Our Baked Apple Breakfast Bites are a delicious and guilt-free take on that quintessential American dessert, apple pie. A great breakfast bite on the go, with coffee, or as a snack anytime of day.

Every bag of Good Molly's™ is made with premium ingredients like organic coconut and organic ground chia seed. We sweeten with pure maple syrup from Vermont and dark brown sugar. Our organic gluten free oats are grown in Wyoming -  without glyphosate - and are routinely tested to ensure no pesticides are detected.

Our apples are organic, as is our flaxseed, and every ingredient is made or grown without any genetic modifications. We only source ingredients from suppliers who do not handle other ingredients with allergens in an effort to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Our baked cookies and bites are produced on equipment that does not handle gluten, peanuts, tree nuts (other than coconut) or dairy. We test every batch for gluten, which is certified by a third-party agency.

All of our baked goods are free of additives, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and gums. 

Each one of our bakery bags weighs 6 oz, which amounts to 10-12 cookies at about 14 grams each.

Eat or freeze within 4 weeks of receiving.


2 BAGS $17.99 ($8.99 per bag)
4 BAGS $31.96 ($7.99 per bag)
6 BAGS $45.00 ($7.50 per bag)
12 BAGS $78.00 ($6.50 per bag)

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